Business opportunities in Spain

Spain is one of the most significant economies in the world, in recent years; rapid growth in international trade and foreign investments has made Spain one of the most internationally-oriented countries in the world.

The sectors of the Spanish economy that prove to be more attractive for exporters and importer are:

Agri-food products

Horticultural products

Live plants and floricultural products

Live animals and animal products

Meat products

Fish and seafood

Bakery and other products

Fats and oils

Milk products




Other alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages



Consumer goods




Culture industries


Industrial Goods 

Raw materials, industrial products and capital goods

Information and telecommunications technology

Industrial technology

Environment and energy production

Chemical industry (chemical products)

Ancillary mechanical and construction industry

Raw materials, semi-processed and intermediate products



Infrastructures, civil works and engineering

Cultural industry services

Transportation, logistics and communication

Distribution marketing, franchises and other

Tourism and real estate

Company services

Industrial technology services

Environmental and energy production services